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A little about myself ...


I am a C++ programmer with over twenty years of experience.

I am most well-known as the developer of higan, a multi-system emulator, and bsnes, a Super Nintendo emulator. I am also well-known for my SNES preservation project.

I once worked on an experimental emulator named csnes, but that work was discontinued. Today it forms the basis of bsnes' multi-threaded video renderer.

My programming philosophy is to focus on accuracy, simplicity, and performance; in that order. By accuracy, I refer to correctness, stability, and the absence of bugs. By simplicity, I refer to code size, consistency and readability. By performance, I refer to using statically-typed, compiled languages, and appropriate algorithms that scale well.


I reprogram software for English-speaking audiences. My most notable completed projects are Dragon Quest V and Der Langrisser for the Super Famicom. I have also worked on the successful projects to localize Mother 3, Dragon Quest III, Shin Megami Tensei II & If, Tekkaman Blade, and many other games over the years.


I work to preserve digital media, so that it might be available for future generations. I have collected, scanned, and imaged every Super Nintendo game released in North America. I am currently working on the European Super Nintendo and Japanese Super Famicom collections.


higan, a multi-system emulator.
bsnes, a Super Nintendo emulator.
libco, a cooperative threading library.
nall, a standard template library.
ruby, a cross-platform hardware abstraction layer.
hiro, a cross-platform user-interface abstraction layer.


Some things I am known for ...

Stephen Hawking

The NEC uPD7725 chip emulator from higan was successfully used to help emulate the text-to-speech computer system used by the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

Fluent Bit

libco is used to provide cooperative threading support for the Fluent Bit log processor and forwarding system.


An enhancement API that adds full-motion video and CD-quality audio to the Super Nintendo. Now supported in dozens of games through the use of patches, MSU1 gives us an idealized glimpse of what could have been if the ill-fated Nintendo-Sony partnership had been fruitful in producing a commercial CD-ROM add-on unit for the SNES hardware.


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